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We Eliminate the need for custom caps!
BEST Multi-Flue Hinged Caps (CMFH)

From a screen size of 9"x9" -to- 41"x93" in 4 different heights (8", 10", 12", & 16") means our stock sizes are over 10,750 sizes!
  • This Stainless steel Cap with 3/4" stainless steel mesh will cover your customer's chimney crown and flue with style.
  • Available in 4 heights to make sure you have the propper 6" clearance from the top of any protrusions (such as the flue tile) to the lid of the cap.
  • You will love it because it has a "hinged" swing tab mounting system to give you that extra inch or two.
  • It will arrive knocked-down style to save on shipping costs and storage space.
  • And it's easy to assemble. Just follow the "How To" instructions below, mount it to the top of the chimney with chimney top top adhesive and tapcons (4 included) and you are done.
  • Below are the most popular sizes, call us for the full list of sizes we carry
    BEST Multi Flue Hinged Caps
    Manufactured with 3/4" Stainless Steel Mesh, Stainless steel hinged base, & a 24ga 304 Stainless Steel Lid
    By: New England Chimney Supply - Lifetime Warranty
    Screen to Screen 8" Height 10" Height 12" Height 16" Height
    9" X 9" CMFH998 CMFH9910 CMFH9912 CMFH9916
    9" X 13" CMFH9138 CMFH91310 CMFH91312 CMFH91316
    9" X 21" CMFH9218 CMFH92110 CMFH92112 CMFH92116
    13" X 17" CMFH13178 CMFH131710 CMFH131712 CMFH131716
    13" X 21" CMFH13218 CMFH132110 CMFH132112 CMFH132116
    13" X 25" CMFH13258 CMFH132510 CMFH132512 CMFH132516
    13" X 29" CMFH13298 CMFH132910 CMFH132912 CMFH132916
    13" X 37" CMFH13378 CMFH133710 CMFH133712 CMFH133716
    13" X 41" CMFH13418 CMFH134110 CMFH134112 CMFH134116
    13" X 45" CMFH13458 CMFH134510 CMFH134512 CMFH134516
    14" X 14" CMFH14148 CMFH141410 CMFH141412 CMFH141416
    14" X 21" CMFH14218 CMFH142110 CMFH142112 CMFH142116
    14" X 26" CMFH14268 CMFH142610 CMFH142612 CMFH142616
    14" X 34" CMFH14348 CMFH143410 CMFH143412 CMFH143416
    15" X 37" CMFH15378 CMFH153710 CMFH153712 CMFH153716
    17" X 17" CMFH17178 CMFH171710 CMFH171712 CMFH171716
    17" X 21" CMFH17218 CMFH172110 CMFH172112 CMFH172116
    17" X 25" CMFH17258 CMFH172510 CMFH172512 CMFH172516
    17" X 29" CMFH17298 CMFH172910 CMFH172912 CMFH172916
    17" X 37" CMFH17378 CMFH173710 CMFH173712 CMFH173716
    17" X 41" CMFH17418 CMFH174110 CMFH174112 CMFH174116
    17" X 49" CMFH17498 CMFH174910 CMFH174912 CMFH174916
    17" X 53" CMFH17538 CMFH175310 CMFH175312 CMFH175316
    17" X 57" CMFH17578 CMFH175710 CMFH175712 CMFH175716
    21" X 21" CMFH21218 CMFH212110 CMFH212112 CMFH212116
    21" X 29" CMFH21298 CMFH212910 CMFH212912 CMFH212916
    21" X 53" CMFH21538 CMFH215310 CMFH215312 CMFH215316
    25" X 25" CMFH25258 CMFH252510 CMFH252512 CMFH252516
    25" X 41" CMFH25418 CMFH254110 CMFH254112 CMFH254116
    25" X 61" CMFH25618 CMFH256110 CMFH256112 CMFH256116
    29" X 29" CMFH29298 CMFH292910 CMFH292912 CMFH292916
    29" X 41" CMFH29418 CMFH294110 CMFH294112 CMFH294116
    29" X 61" CMFH29618 CMFH296110 CMFH296112 CMFH296116
    33" X 33" CMFH33338 CMFH333310 CMFH333312 CMFH333316
    33" X 41" CMFH33418 CMFH334110 CMFH334112 CMFH334116
    33" X 69" CMFH33698 CMFH336910 CMFH336912 CMFH336916
    How To:
  • Fit the sides of the Cap together by slipping the top and side bolts through the allotted holes on the screens together.
  • Twist the serrated flange-nut onto each of the (4) "side" bolts.
  • Set the lid on the top aligning the holes to the bolts on the top of the screens.
  • Finish by twisting on the (4) serrated flange-nuts to hold the lid in place
    Manufactured with 24ga 304 Stainless Steel
    The BEST-Flex Cutom Chase Cover is made specifically for your application. Simply fill out the form (shown below) and email or fax it to us. We will get back to you with a quote, questions, and confirmation to build it.
    Just choose your:
  • Length + Width + Tolerance
  • Number of holes from 0 to infinity
  • Standard Flat Ring Collar or with the TPC Bead & Clamp for use with our TPCC Lids
  • Skirt Height and Drip Edge Size
  • Cross Break -or- No Cross Break

  • Whatever you need we can do.
    Click the form image below to Download the PDF form

    Manufactured with 24ga 304 Stainless Steel, 4" Height Standard, & 3/4" Stainless Steel Mesh.
    8" X 8" Fits outside tile dimensions 6" x 6" up to 8.5" x 8.5" ASFM88
    8" X 13" Fits outside tile dimensions 6" x 11.5" up to 8.5" x 14" ASFM813
    13" X 13" Fits outside tile dimensions 11" x 11.5" up to 13.5" x 14" ASFM1313
    13" X 18" Fits outside tile dimensions 6" x 11.5" up to 8.5" x 14" ASFM1318
    18" X 18" Fits outside tile dimensions 11" x 11.5" up to 13.5" x 14" ASFM1818
    8" X 8" Screen to screen dimensions ASTM88
    8" X 13" Screen to screen dimensions ASTM813
    13" X 13" Screen to screen dimensions ASTM1313
    13" X 18" Screen to screen dimensions ASTM1318
    18" X 18" Screen to screen dimensions ASTM1818
    8" X 8" Fits on top of flue tile ASFML88
    8" X 13" Fits on top of flue tile ASFML813
    13" X 13" Fits on top of flue tile ASFML1313
    13" X 18" Fits on top of flue tile ASFML1318
    18" X 18" Fits on top of flue tile ASFML1818

    Top Mount Swing Hinge

    Flue Mount Style

    Flue/Top Mount "L" Bracket Style

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